New Simple Double G Running Yellow/Whit Gold Studs Imitation Price in UK ‎481677 J8500 8000

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The simple and elegant style has always been sought after by delicate women, perhaps you could try the Gucci Double G Running earrings. The gold-plated earrings are designed to be GG sculpt with the lacework, skillfully applying to the daily work, the sweet date and the fashion party. The chic modeling can be paired with various hairstyles, displaying the superior temperament of yours.
Gender: Women
Product Type : Earrings
Material: Gold-plated
Style: Delicate, refined and ornate
Description: Featuring Gucci GG logo and the noble style to present the gorgeous temperament of ladies, Gucci jewelry is appropriate for women of all ages, perfectly fitting various formal occasions.
The GG earrings has the lacework design, standing out the high fashion sense of women. The simple style is not only suitable for the routine work but also the fashion party, highlighting the elegant temperament of women. There are two color to choose from, the golden earrings are fit for the sexy lady, and the silver earrings are more proper for the cool girl. Whether the skirt, the T-shirt or the formal suit, adequately displaying the unique personality and the stylish style of them.
The delicate earrings can improve the temperament of women, which is more applicable to the work, the trip or the party, rendering the noble style of ladies. In addition, the earrings are the great gift for your friend.
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